Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mid Year Check-in

In December, I wrote about some goals for this year in this post. I wrote about some progress in February here. Yvonne at Quilting JetGirl, who organized the 2016 Planning Party, has a mid year check-in which was a reminder to write a new post.


1. Finishing Quilts. In March, I quilted Mom's Patchwork Sampler quilt then went back in April and quilted the black, white, red and grey quilt and a photo transfer quilt. The Patchwork sampler quilt is the from the same class with Elaine that mine quilted in January was from. The Black, White, Red and Grey was a mystery quilt Chip of the old block. I'm still stitching the binding down on this one. The photo transfer quilt was a top I'd done years ago at the old Streetsville store about 1996. This was a small quilt but I wanted to play with some free motion quilting on the long arm. I've now completed finished 3 of my quilts, almost finished a fourth one and finished two of Mom's. The second one of Mom's was one she was hand quilting and I finished that before we went to Iowa. It went to Mom's sister.

Mom's Sampler Quilt
My Black, Red and White quilt.  Photo quilt is hiding on the bottom

Mom's Confetti Quilt

2. 365 Quilt. This is going really well. I am up to date on this one. I was behind about 12 days when we drove down to Iowa. I had one plan to get caught up but that didn't work so came up with another plan and that one worked. The centre is put together and I have a growing stack of blocks for the next dark border. Having a set of fabrics that I'm pulling from and a set colour rotation has made some of the decisions easier. It gets a little longer when I try to pull from the scrap bins as pawing through the scraps is slow. One thing I found when doing the light round was a distinct lack of very light coloured fabrics, especially reds and oranges.

365 Quilt First two borders
3. The Love Entwined goes to guild with me and gets stitched there. It went for a ride to Iowa with me but never came out of its bag to get worked on. Not sure why not. The bits and pieces are slowly getting stitched down. I still think I'm just doing the centre but whenever I see someone post the full quilt, I'm tempted to continue.  At the moment the top is draped over the arm of my lazy boy and I'm doing some stitching as I watch tv.

 4/6 Haven't touched the guild workshop samples, or the common bride quilts yet this year other than to move them out of my way.

5.  Earlier this week I took down the 365 quilt to date so I have the design wall free to work on something else.  We started on t-shirt quilts the other week and as I trimmed the blocks, I put them up.  I want to use my biggest ruler to trim the last few shirts but my sister has the ruler so the tshirts came down and the one block wonder blocks went up.  Then the other night I finally cut the other set of strips and blocks.  I've been stitching those together and my collection of blocks is growing.  I'm thinking about how I want to complete the top (include hollow cubes?  put a piece of the fabric in the centre ) -- especially as I found fabric for a second quilt. :)

trimmed tshirts
One Block wonder blocks.  

 7. I picked up a new bag from the outreach table and made a number of 9-patch blocks. They need a good pressing and then I'll do some form of disappearing 9-patch with them.


1. I'm pleased with my progress in Ricky Tim's class. I posted a review of the first 6 months here. I have signed up for part two over the next 3 months.

2. Organize the photos I already have. I kept losing track of which months are done and which months are still to be done.  I use Lightroom to organize my photos and it has colour labels which I don't use.  So I choose a colour and changed its label to be  "Review Photos Label, edit, keyword.  Press 8 to remove colour when done"  The colours are each assign a number by Lightroom so all I had to do was select all the photos and press the number 8.  Now as I go through and label and select the ones to keep, I remove the colour label. It seems to be working well.  I also had collections setup in lightroom that let me look at all the pictures taken in any one month so can either work on a specific year or all the January pictures for example.  There are still a lot of photos to go through but atleast I don't get lost in whats done and what isn't.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Iroquois - Calcium Pit to Bell School Line Parking Lot

On Saturday Karen and I went for our first hike this year.  I had done a short hike in the spring out at Silvercreek but not much walking this year.  We were originally going to just go as far as Rattlesnake Point which was about 10.5km but decided to go to the Bell School parking lot instead which was about 13.5km according to the maps.  The map distances don't seem to take into account the extra distance the ups and downs add and this section had a very steep down and then back up the other side of the escarpment near Crawford Lake.  I knew it was there and had done the steep bit a few years ago.  By the end of the day, my fitbit was claiming closer to 20km.  My legs still haven't forgiven me although they are somewhat happier two days later. 

The morning started out with a short climb up some rocks where Karen posed for me.  About 2 km into the hike, we came across a small section of what would normally be a crossing over a wet area and decided it made a good bench.

There were some very colourful mushrooms and a chipmunk who stayed still for several minutes while I took his photo. Usually they run off fairly quickly.


I'm not sure what the hook was doing on the wire across the conservation area entrance.
but the age and rust caught my eye.

The trail alternated between nice wide level pathway and a narrow rocky path way. We'd been enjoying the wide level stretch when we came to a junction. Naturally our path went off to the right.

It never ceases to amaze me how tenacious plants and trees are. There are many trees on the trail growing on what appears to be nothing but rock but they seem to do very well.

Near the end of our hike we saw an amazing moth. At first we thought it was an extra large bumblebee but soon realized it looked more like a flying shrimp or a tiny hummingbird. As far as I've been able to tell from google searches its a Hummingbird Clearwing Moth.

Behind Kelso is this lake. I think its the remnants of a quarry. Its well posted as No Trespassing and I know there are a number of quarries in the immediate area. It really was a very blue lake, just like the ones out near Banff. Limestone silt perhaps?

I've now hiked 207 of 890 km of the trail. We have one hike left so Karen can finish the Iroquois and Toronto sections. She has planned out the rest of the hikes. With atleast 40 more hikes to go, I think we'll be a couple of years getting to Tobermory but the journey is enjoyable

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Photo Scavenger Hunt Part 1

Earlier this month Melissa of Daily Life posted some of the photos she had taken for a scavenger hunt hosted by Rinda.  I'd seen Melissa's scavenger hunt photos last year but forgotten about it.  Since we are early in the summer, I thought I'd start working through the list myself.  I was originally going to use some photos taken since June 1st when the list was published but decided that for the moment I'd use photos I've taken since I saw the list.  I may go back and change that later in the summer if I'm missing pictures that I did take in that time period.

1. A "wild heart" - a naturally occurring heart. This is the knot hole shadow cast by the fence on the sidewalk into the complex I live in.

2. A footprint or paw print. The zoo uses painted paw prints on the pathways to indicate different pathways through the zoo. If you follow the large blue foot prints you get an overview of the zoo. This photo generated a conversation with two of the zoo volunteers who were standing nearby and trying to figure out what I was crouching down to get a photo of.

3. A skeleton, bone or x-ray. Also from the zoo, this is part of a replica of a skeleton of a Bowhead Whale. They can be 10m long and 60 tonnes. Some have been found with 100 year old harpoon heads embedded in them!

17. Twins These are the twin Pandas born at the Toronto Zoo last October. We went early, for the members viewing, one morning and they were quiet active until the male decided a nap was in order. The male is Jai Panpan and the female is Jai YueYue. The zoo has lots a good selection of photos of the twins here One of the videos shows a twin being born.