Saturday, March 29, 2014

Off the Ark?

Its been a fun day.  I've been watching Disney animated movies -- Frozen, Beauty & the Beast, Robin Hood and Snow White.  Frozen helped me chop up the fruit salad and clean the kitchen.  Beauty and the Beast helped stitch most of this month's guild block.

Robin Hood finished the guild block, helped to fix the twisted seams on the guild community outreach quilt and started the borders on a mystery quilt that's been lurking long enough to feel like it must have come of the ark. 

All it needed was a border.  It was a mystery quilt called Calico Conundrum in Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts in 1994/5.  Mom made one with a violet fabric.  I used purple elephants.  I had debated adding a very thin border between the top and the main border to separate the elephants from the centre but decided today it wasn't necessary.

Snow White helped finish the borders and make the binding then start the final border for Celtic Solstice.  Cinderella helped finish the borders and the binding for Celtic Solstice. 

Lion King helped with some mending and is currently helping with some computer work.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting ready for Guild next week

The last few evenings I've been laying out the pieces for this month "chunk" of the month for the guild block of the month program. I'm running short of half square triangles -- or atleast a nice variety of them so there are gaps in the layout.  I've cut a bunch more half square triangles -- should be more than enough for the last two sections as well. Hopefully I have enough variety.

This is the collection of white and red squares and half square triangles for the last two parts. I need 286 more after this month so hopefully most of that is already here.   

This year's monthly quilt is Northern Lights Sampler by Marti Michell. I like the 12" blocks better than the 16" blocks but I like the size of the quilt that you get with the larger blocks. I'm thinking I'll make more blocks of the smaller size to get the size I want. I haven't committed to that yet. So far we've had two classes. The first month we made the half wheeler star blocks and for the second month we are to make at least one of the northern lights block.

I took Celtic Solstice with me on the weekend when I went to visit Dad. Karen, Dad & I looked at several options for the last border and the consensus is either the orange or a very dark blue. I'm down to skip the final border -- the top fits the larger mattress well as it is; Orange or Navy blue. I'm leaning towards the orange with navy blue as the binding. I'll sew the guild project and community quilt together first then come back to these borders.  In looking in project boxes for some more whites, I found a couple of projects that are very close to being completed tops.  Perhaps I'll get those tops done once this month's guild work and celtic solstice are done.  Then again, maybe I'll finally get some prep work done on my applique
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Celtic Solstice

The day after American Thanksgiving last fall, Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville released her mystery quilt. This time, instead of collecting the patterns like I did for the previous year, I actually dug out fabric and started to stitch along. I took my fabric up to Dad's over Christmas and once I'd done the sewing he wanted, I spent some time stitching away on the mystery quilt. It was very nice. I initially was making the small size which was a 7x7 layout. Last month when I finally got the blocks all made and up on the design wall I decided I really liked how it was turning out. The 7x7 size was going to be too small for a double bed so I took my tape measure and measured the mattress -- yes there are charts to tell the size of a double bed but I wanted an overhang and its a deep mattress. I ended up making another 32 blocks to bring it up to 9x9. I'd hope to have it all done to take for show and tell at Sew Sisters Monthly quilt but Friday night, I had the centre done and one of the pieced borders prepared.


Saturday morning I stitched two more pieced borders and a long piece of cream fabric for the inner border but ran out of time and had to leave for the class and an afternoon at Reptilia with Karen.


When I got home Saturday evening, I went to work finishing the last pieced border. 

It was still early so I measured the cream bits and started adding borders.  By the time I went to bed, this was the state of the top.


The pattern calls for one more border in green. I want the last border but I don't think I want green so today I've been hanging pieces of fabric up next to the top trying to decide what colour I want. I'm leaning towards a blue but I'm not sure if I like the one I have enough of -- I don't have enough for both border and binding although there is a dark blue that I could use to bind. I think I'll look a bit more.

Dark blue / dark green
Yellow / Blue
 Of these options only the dark green isn't a fabric that's actually in the quilt somewhere.  I'm trying to see if I can find the last piece in my stash or Mom's cause so far everything has come out of the stash.  I'm rather pleased with that. The pattern was actually to have all of the alternate blocks be the square around the pinwheel (green, orange and yellow block) but in one of the links from Bonnie's site, I saw a post with the alternate layout of that block.  I liked both and was trying to decide which one I liked best when I saw a layout that combined the two.  That made for an easier decision :)